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One of the important parts of your appointment at a We Love Your Old Car branch is the car examination. It’s a chance for us to take a look over your vehicle, and sure that the details sent to us by you online match up to the specification and condition when we see it up close and in person. One of our team members will thoroughly review it to see whether or not the initial price estimation was correct, and if the price needs to be changed, we can provide you with a new, specific valuation. It is only after the examination that we can provide you with a final offer for us to buy your car,

It will be the job of our trusty branch staff to inspect the car, while carrying out all necessary checks.

The exterior - The car’s exterior will need to be examined fully. Panels, doors and bumpers will be strictly reviewed to check for any dents, scratches or marks which might change the sale price for the worst.

Inside the car - Our staff will review the condition of your car’s interior, as well as making sure that all the important electrics are working, like your windows, heater and lights. They will also be checking to see that none of the dashboard warning lights remain on when the engine is started.

The engine - We can’t purchase any non-runners (cars that don’t start), so the engine will need to be started to make sure it’s running safe as it should be.

Steering and brakes - During your examination, the branch staff will perform a couple of simple manoeuvres in order to review the car’s steering and brakes.

Once the vehicle has been reviewed and all the checks have been made, we can take you through the way we will be able to present you the final offer. And if you’re happy, we’ll purchase your vehicle there and then. You can relax, knowing the money will be sent directly to your bank account the exact same day with no complications involved.

To give you flexability we provaid 3 options to contact us, first we have our free phone number, we offer a free callback service and a full detail form for online email valuations. Just chooes which suits you best to get the ball rolling

Call Us for over the phone valuation

Call us on our free phone number for an over the phone pre valuation

0800 193 1018

Quick Form Call/Message Back Service

We also provide a free call back or messenger valuation, just fill in our quick form and one of the team will contact you via you prefered contact method. We will ask a few more detailed question and provide you with a valuation.

Online valuation direct to your Email

Alternately you can fill in our detailed form and we will provide a valuation direct to your email or prefered messanger server

Free Come to You physical appraisal

Once we have provided you with a valuation, and you would like to proceed, we will arrange for one of our Kind and approachable representatives to come to you and your vehicle. We will do a quick but comprehensive physical appraisal to confirm the condition matches the detail given for the valuation. If everything is ok, and all the documents are in order, we will complete the deal and your money will be paid directly into your agreed bank account, cash payments are also available.

Simply we are the here to make selling your car as easy as possible, and help you get the best deal you can, quick honest valuations, friendly knowledgeable buyers.

  • A flexible come to you service
  • Cover and take away for all cars including non-runners
  • Payments direct to you chosen bank account
  • Cash deals if this is your preferred choice
  • Absolutely no hidden costs or fees

The quick answer to this is Yes! At We Love Your Old Car are willing to buy any vehicle providing you have all the paperwork to complete the sale and we agree on the price, we guarentee to buy your car or van, we are not prejudiced, we love them too .

We are happy to buy non runners. We are able to provide a cover and collect service to collect the car. The valuation will be factored around the condition of the vehicle.

Yes - You will need the death certificate of the vehicle owner.

You will require legal proof of your entitlement to sell the car on behalf of the deceased’s Estate. This could be part of where you need provide proof that you are named or on a Solicitor’s letter showing your entitlement to deal with the proceeds of the Estate.

You may be known as the executor of the will or there may be other legal proofs that show your entitlement to make the choice to sell the vehicle. If there is more executor’s maybe one or two more of the will, we will need all of the named executors with all the required personal proofs of identification, to be present at the time of deal prior to any agreed payment has been decided.

We can ensure you that this process is hassle-free and straightforward, and we are here to help you if you require any further guidance towards the sale of your vehicle. To discuss how you can sell a deceased person’s car in more exact details then please call us on 0800 193 1018 or email us at info@WeLoveYourOldCar.com.

Visit the Government wills, probate and inheritance page for more information.

At WeLoveYourOldCar.com we are happy to purchase your car with personal, private number plates. If you would like to keep the number plates for your next vehicle, there are a couple things that need to be finalized before you can sell your car to us. We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible, or else it could end up in the delay of your sale. When transferring your registration number to a different car you should know that both cars should be currently taxed. If not, you can still decide to transfer your private plate to another car, but only under strict circumstances. If your current car’s tax has run out in the last 12 months, and there was no break between the tax ending and the start of the SORN, then you should be able to apply for your own personal, private plate transfer.

The entire process is documented on the gov.uk website Click here

It is now possible to finalize the process online by following this link Open page in new window

As soon as you’ve accepted our valuation offer for your vehicle, we will need to arrange an appointment for one of our team to visit you and your vehicle. It’s an easy process, but there are some steps that we’ll need to go through to complete the transaction. One of our trusty vehicle purchasers will go through your paperwork and review your car, going ahead with these checks:

The exterior inspection

The first things we will check are the panels, doors and bumpers. They will be reviewed carefully find any potential dents, scratches or marks. It’s important when you do your online car price estimation to give an exact description about the condition of your car to show that it matches our evaluation at the examination stage. Our comprehensive form has an area for you to indicate any issues in advance.

Inside the car

We also check the car’s interior. This includes ensuring that your electric windows and heater are working, and that none of the dashboard warning lights are on. They will also expect the car’s interior to be cleaned by a professional before you bring your car to us for inspection. Dirty/Un-Cleaded interiors can drastically effect the value of your car, this is very likely to be far more than the cost of a good valet clean.

The engine, steering and brakes

The engine will have to be started to be sure it’s running perfectly fine. This is important to ensure we don’t purchase non-starters (if not made clear before appointment). The inspector will also perform a couple of simple manoeuvres in order to check on the car’s steering and brakes. We are sure that you want to get the best price possible for your vehicle so it’s important that we take the time to fully examine your vehicle.


We will need to check the vehicle’s V5C, the handbook and any other documents like your MOT certificate. We also need to be presented with two forms of ID - photographic driving license or passport, and one utility bill, bank or council tax statement (the addresses on these need to be your current residence, the same as that on the V5C). You can check the full details of other required documents, including those for special circumstances, in our FAQ "What documents do i need to sell my cay?".

To avoid possible delays

We aim to give the best possible service that is fast and efficient, but there are certain things that could hold up the sale of your vehical that be avoided. Such as private number plates (especially if you don’t want to use a different one See selling a car with a private number plate), documents that aren’t in order, and finance still outstanding could restrict us from purchasing your car quickly.

Finally, once everything’s reviewed and all is up to date and running smoothly, we will give you an accurate price estimate for your car, sitting down to take you through exactly how we finalized the pricing and came to an agreement. If you’re happy with our offer, we’ll purchase your car there and then! You will receive a free, safe, instant payment directly to your bank account (making sure that all checks being clear and subject to banking systems outside of our control). For every customer, we try our best to process payment as soon as possible, however, there are times, due to problems out of our control, this sometimes means not straight away, but we can assure you will be payed as soon as possible.

Selling your car isn’t as simple as just handing over your car keys to the new owner. We also need to see paperwork that establishes ownership, service history and roadworthiness. The V5C certificate is the most important of these, as it establishes ownership of the car officially with the DVLA. All Buyers are advised never to purchase a car without receiving this document, as the vehicle could be taken at any time by whoever holds the certificate for it.

Before you hand over your car to us it's important to ensure you have all the documents ready. While some we won't mind if some receipts are missing it will likely effect your sale price, with the full service history being documented it guarantees you a better price – so it is advised you prepare for the sale by gathering together all relevant documents in one place. A paper folder is a great way of keeping the documents together so you don't misplace them.

It may be an idea to take photocopies of all the documents in case you might need them at some later point in time – if you need them to make an expenses claim or to establish deductions on your self-assessment tax form.

Outstanding HP or finance

If you have finance on your car, you’ll need to pay it off prior to sale. A few car buyers, including WeLoveYourOldCar.com can arrange to do this after sale, but many won't, so it's typically best to deal with it yourself. If you purchased your car on hire-purchase, took out a 'logbook loan' or had any other form of financing on your vehicle, contact your lender and arrange to pay this off. It is especially important you do this right away whilst you still hold your V5C certificate. You will need to hand this over at time of the sale and it might take a few days for this document to be returned if used as collateral for your loan.

Proof of purchase

At the point of the sale, we will provide a proof of purchase. The receipt will state the key details about the car including at least the registration number, make, model and year. We will also include the VIN (chassis) number on the document. The receipt also contain both yours and one of our buyer's names and addresses (WeLoveYourOldCar.com). The date of purchase must also be included, along with the price paid for the vehicle. There will be two copies of this receipt so we both have a copy.

Section 6 on the V5C

As well as the receipt for your own records, you'll need to notify the DVLA that the car has been sold. At the bottom of the V5C registration certificate that you'll be handing over to the us you'll find a slip to fill in. This is the one part of the document that you'll need to keep after the sale, as it is your responsibility to fill this in and send it back to the DVLA. The form just tells them the details of the new owner so they can update their database.

Vehicle Tax

All you need to do to get a refund is declare you have sold the vehicle. You will then be automatically issued a refund for any full months of tax outstanding on the vehicle.

Once all the formalities have been done, you're ready to hand over the car and the paperwork to us. This includes the V5C minus the slip, the service history including any relevant receipts or MOT certifications. It also includes documents that came with your car such as the car manual or handbook.

When this is done, the receipt is signed, and we have the keys and you've been paid, the sale is complete - congratulations. Before you go out and buy a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, it's important to complete a few post-sale tasks. Send the slip from the bottom of the V5C to the DVLA and cancel your current car insurance. Alternatively, you can talk to your insurer about changing the insured car, but it's often cheaper to investigate new car insurance policies at this point. Premiums have fallen recently so you're likely to get a better deal by comparing insurers. Get a refund on your tax. The sooner you do; the sooner the refund will arrive in your bank account.

We use personal information provided from you such as name, address, telephone number and email address when a valuation form is completed by you.

Please do not send your personal information to us if you do not wish us to use it.

The personal information you send us will only used for the purposes of administration, processing the purchase of a car or van.

Please remember that we will not hold your personal information for any longer than is reasonably necessary or required by law. And we will never share your personal information with any third party.

At WeLoveYourOldCar.com we pride ourselves on same day payment, many of the other car buying companies will take up to 4 working days to pay which we think is not fair! We can try our upmost to be sure that the funds will be in your account before we drive away. We generally do BACS transfer for all vehicles however we can do cash if preferable.

Did you get all the answers to the question you need? if not please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can
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